Our Vintage Tearooms

Retrorecylers vintage tea roomsWhy not combine your trip to Retrorecyclers with a visit to our lovely vintage tearooms. You’ll be able to sit surrounded by a wide range of  vintage and antique items while listening to the gental ticking of our clocks.  The tea rooms is open every day during our usual opening hours.  It is also available for hire or for parties and special occasions.  Please contact us to find out more.10569085_738480196216574_1450710781453599116_n

Retrorecylers tea rooms

Tea room menu

Sandwiches (On a Choice of White or Brown Bread)

Cheese £2.50

Brie & Grape £3.25

Ham £2.50

Beef £3.25

Tuna £3.25

Crayfish £3.75

Smoked Salmon £3.95

Salad £2.25

Or a filling of your choice

All Sandwiches are served with a salad and crisp garnish

Toasties available for all sandwich at 50p extra

 Hot food

Homemade Soup of the day £3.50

Homemade Chilli £4.50

Cakes and desserts

Slice of Cake £2.00

Fruit Scones £2.00

Cheese Scones £2.00

Clotted Cream&Jam 50p extra

Jam 15p extra

Slice of Buttered toast £1.00


Afternoon Cream Tea £8.50 this includes:

Pot of tea

Selection of

Finger sandwiches

Fruit scone with Jam & Clotted cream

A selection of fancies

Sandwich platter

Choice Selection of sandwich To suit party size

Salad of your choice with bread & Butter £5.50

Pensioners Lunch

Lunchtimes on Wednesdays and Thursdays

Homemade Soup of the day with bread and butter. A Cup of Tea or Coffee

All for only £2.50


Pot of Tea for one £1.45 (Also a choice of green, herbal and fruit tea)

Filter Coffee £1.20 cup £1.60 mug

Instant Coffee £1.00 cup £1.20 mug

Milk, Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Sparkling Water, Mineral Water £1.00

Squash/ Fruit Juice £0.70

Retrorecylers tea rooms Retrorecylers tea rooms


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